Thunderbird partners with secure and private email provider Mailfence

Mailfence announcement a partnership with Thunderbird on the company’s blog just a few days ago. Mailfence is a secure and private email provider headquartered in Belgium and promises an untracked email service that preserves confidentiality and is protected by Belgian privacy laws. From a security perspective, Mailfence supports encryption (OpenPGP) and digital signatures.

Thunderbird users can create new email addresses directly from the client; this can be done in addition to adding existing email addresses or as a first step after installing the client. While it is also possible to do this from the websites of the email providers, creating accounts from Thunderbird has the advantage that they are set up correctly immediately and the project team can get a little bit of money. financial contribution of the messaging provider in question.

The integration of Mailfence in Thunderbird allows the synchronization of all the tools of the organization with Thunderbird according to the announcement:

The collaboration between the two organizations will deepen the integration of their respective services to improve the user experience. Later this year, users with a Mailfence account in their Thunderbird will benefit from automatic synchronization with all Mailfence tools: email, calendar, contacts and encryption keys. They benefit from a highly secure messaging solution with full respect for their privacy.

Full integration will be available to all Thunderbird users later in 2021; a specific version or release date has not been revealed.

However, Thunderbird users can set up a Mailfence account already in the client. To do this, select File> New> Get New Email Account from the main menu, or Account Actions> Get New Email Address.

Setting up the account is straightforward. Just keep the default suggested name or type any other name you want as the username and hit the search button to see if the username is still available and get a list of alternatives.

thunderbird mailfence configuration

Select the Free trial / € 30 per year button to choose an address; this redirects you to the registration page in Thunderbird. All you need to fill in at this point is the desired account password and a second email address for recovery and activation.

The “Free Trial” part makes it look like a paid service only, but that is not entirely true. Mailfence offers one free plan that you can use and three commercial plans. The problem is, the free plan doesn’t support POP3 or IMAP, which prevents it from being used in Thunderbird.

If you are currently signing up for the service in Thunderbird, you are signing up for a trial of the entry level plan. Log into the website and you can switch to another plan, but free still isn’t an option because it doesn’t support syncing.

A welcome email provides information to new customers, indicating that the account will be downgraded after the trial period to a free account if the order is not completed, and that it will stop working in Thunderbird thereafter on due to the limitations of the free account.

Now you: how do you see cooperation?


Thunderbird partners with secure and private email provider Mailfence

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Thunderbird partners with secure and private email provider Mailfence

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Mailfence announced a partnership with Thunderbird on the company’s blog a few days ago to add full sync support.


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