Users from Germany to Yahoo: Switch to a different email provider

Many people have had a Yahoo email account for years, but no longer use it. Those who still use their Yahoo email account, however, are encouraged to switch to another provider in light of Yahoo’s second massive data breach disclosure. The German Federal Office for Information Security, more commonly known as BSI, has advised existing Yahoo mail users to switch to another provider. The agency strongly criticized Yahoo, accusing it of failing to protect its users.

This week, Yahoo revealed another data breach, affecting more than a billion user accounts. The thief fled with the user’s data in August 2013, prompting questions about why Yahoo took so long to find and disclose the case. The latest disclosure follows a similar disclosure involving over 500 million user accounts in September 2016.

Yahoo has come under heavy criticism for the latest disclosure, most notably by BSI Chairman Arne Schoenbohm, who recently said:

Given the repeated cases of data theft, users should take a closer look at what services they want to use in the future and security should play a role in that decision.

Speaking more about the matter and doing another dig at Yahoo, Schoenbohm said: “There is a range of German email providers for whom security is not a foreign concept.”

The same goes for email providers outside of Germany, of course. As we have already stated, it is not recommended to stick with Yahoo Mail at this point. Google has a much better track record with its Gmail service, and there are even encrypted email services available like ProtonMail. Are you unfamiliar with Yahoo’s problems? Check out the schedule below for more details!


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